The rule of dibs…



The sky refuses to loosen her grip on the stars. With the turf war going on, she reached out to territories the moon and sun wouldn’t dare grab. The sun and moon squabble for the earth. Of course the sun always had the upper hand; he’d known early how valuable earth was and claimed his hold on her through devious ways.

He drugged her children and got them hooked on his essence so that they couldn’t live without his golden rays. Even so, the council could do nothing about it lest they kill earth’s children and all that made her prime. The moon however wouldn’t hear it, so she snatched the earth away as the sun napped. It was short reign, during the dark ages.

It wasn’t until 1500BC that peace talks were initiated and the the two of them grudgingly agreed to share the planet. Of course the sun called a quick dibs on the first 12 hours of the day and moon reluctantly agreed to the last ones, but only because once again the council’s hands were tied. After all, the rule of dibs was pretty clear to everyone, celestial beings or not.

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