There is something to be said about how so little you know. There so much you could see but you choose not to because you’re apparently above human emotion and coming to terms with what it means to be a person. There is a lot you should understand because you’re at the forefront of the … Continue reading #Rant


Watch my neighbor’s tongue

She sat in front of me battling a wave of emotions strong enough to fell an entire city. The strongest ones dark and compelling; anger, hatred with a side of bitterness. When she felt herself lose to them, she'd stand up and pace around the room before settling back into the same spot. She did … Continue reading Watch my neighbor’s tongue

I lost My Hairline to Discriminative Dresscode Policy At Work.

Elizabeth NABUNYA

Here is what my hair looked like before I had my job.


Here is what it looks like after  nine months of work.


Why is the black woman’s hair discriminated against in the work place? Why is kinky textured hair a taboo in a society that refers to itself as progressive?

When I  wore a head wrap  to the work place,  my  supervisor called me aside  and  in low tone spoke saying; ‘Here we don’t wear head wraps, because they are not formal.’ She didn’t mention why. Later, I realise they didn’t even employ any Muslim woman.

I was told to always comb my hair and appear with it neat to work. If you are a kinky haired woman, you know this is one of the hardest things and most impossible goals to attain. Our hair strands are different lengths at different points on our heads, that’s just the…

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